Boss Babes of Beauty Savant: Jamie

Have you ever met someone and thought “Is this the nicest person I’ve ever met?”. That is how I felt when I met one of my MMA coaches and UFC fighter, Andre Soukhamthath.

And then I met his Wife, Jamie, and she instantly won that title – sorry, Andre.

Jamie is not a pretty lady. She is beautiful. It almost looks like she is always wearing highlighter…except she’s not. That is just her skin.

I know. Picture perfect, gorgeous, successful couple with an adorable family. Times were not always as easy. Jamie has quite a story behind her perfect cheekbones and I really wanted to get to know that story.

I knew I wanted to include Jamie in Boss Babes of Beauty Savant not just because of her physical beauty but because of her resilience, good nature, love for her family and gratitude – despite trying times. I mean that wholeheartedly. I made this girl dinner once and she has thanked me 17 times. She was an early follower of and always has feedback. I LOVE feedback. She is also so very humble that I knew it would be hard for her to speak about herself. So, thank you, Jamie, for letting us in.


  • Name:
    • Jamie Soukhamthath


  • Occupation:
    • Executive Assistant


  • Beauty Philosophy:
    • Keep it Simple – especially with two young boys!


  • Best Beauty Advice received and from whom:
    • The best beauty advice I’ve received would be to always cleanse, scrub and moisturize your face.  I read it in Cosmo when i was a teen 🤣🤣🤣


  • Skincare Routine:
    • Every morning and evening I cleanse, scrub and moisturize. See above.


  • Signature Fragrance:
    • Burberry Brit


  • Fave mascara or lip product:
    • Chanel mascara. Hands down.


  • Top 3 Desert Island Beauty Essentials:
    • A sunscreen-moisturizer combo. Vaseline. That Chanel mascara.


  • When do YOU feel most beautiful:
    • I feel most beautiful after my face is washed in the evening and I am refreshed from the day. Makeup off and unwinding by spending time with my boys. All of them!


  • Fave Style Trend:
    • Fave style trend is 100% off the shoulder shirts and dresses….they give you just enough sexiness without being too revealing.


  • Girl Glamazon/Style Crush:
    • Jessica Biel, She’s so chic and casual and doesn’t try hard. She has always remained humble and original.

Tell me a little about YOU! 

I am a woman that takes great pride in working hard and spending time with my boys; which include my Husband Andre, 4- year old Benson, 1 – year old Parker and my Shihtzu Peanut who is also a male. I guess I love being around Male Dominance. 🙂

I have resided in SoFlo for almost 4 years now. My family and I picked up with what we had and $4000 in our bank and followed my Husband’s dream to the UFC. Its hasn’t always been an easy road for us. After losing our first born LeAndre to a rare genetic skin disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa, at only 9 months old, we’ve triumphed through very dark places. I tried to shut the world out for almost 5 years and finally found the sunshine state shined light in my dark tunnel. After settling here in SoFlo, I am now in a great place in my life. The palm trees and sunshine just give me life. I’ve found that waking up to such beauty where others vacation is a blessing. I work alongside a wonderful Executive, we’ve built our first home from the ground up and we are thriving. I have been blessed beyond measure to have Family, Andre and my boys to keep me reaching the stars.


To conclude, I read something that her Husband wrote about her and had to share : 

My Wife, Jamie, has managed me my whole career. That is ten years of negotiations, marketing, headaches, weight cuts and much more. She is the best manager I could ever ask for and was behind me since day one.

And that, my friends, is Jamie.

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  • Jamie, what a beautiful post about you! I’ve known you since we were so young and I agree with Alexia. You are a true beauty inside and out. Your strength and determination shine. I’m so happy to know you!

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