Meet the Savants

Alexia Donovan

“Don’t talk to strangers” didn’t apply to Alexia as a child. She wanted to be friends with everyone, everywhere. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and marketing minds, this was encouraged. And so it began.

Relocating from Connecticut to south Florida in high school, Alexia pursued Marketing at Florida Atlantic University and Makeup Artistry at Joe Blascoe Makeup Center East. Numerous sales management and training positions in the cosmetic world slowly but surely led into cosmetic medicine when she first interviewed with a startup Practice Management group. For the past seven years, Alexia has built and maintained numerous multi-million dollar cosmetic medical practices from south Florida to Beverly Hills. As a medical practice consultant, Alexia dives into everything sales and marketing related. From business development and marketing campaigns to event planning and staff training she is involved in it all.

When she isn’t working chances are she is kickboxing, Crossfitting, drinking wine with friends, playing with her Rescue dogs…or talking to strangers.


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