Marc, Marc Marc.

Recently, I had the chance to try some new liners I have not worked with before, the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayons in High-Impact Matte. First impression was a quick swatch on my hand. Immediately impressed with the pigmentation and smooth texture, I realized after a long shower that the swatch was still on my hand. Intense color and potentially water resistant. Okay, let’s do this!

They are long wearing which usually makes the “smoke out” portion of the liner quite tricky as long wearing liners tend to dry down immediately. These give you just enough time to quickly blend and smudge out the liner before setting. And when they set, they SET.

Receiving two shades I was not initially drawn to, I attempted a softer smokey eye (after all, the best piece of makeup advice I’ve received was “smokey is a technique, not a color”. Preach!). The light pink shade, Pink of Me, was strangely cool. I made a thick line on my top lid, softened it up quickly and then  a sleek swipe by the lash line for definition with (Earth)quake, a deep brown.

Am I forgoing my black liner forever? No but I will say I am loving this look for summer. Next up I buying the two deeper shades, (Iron)y, a dark gray, and Over(night) an intense blue. I’ll be back with photos of these soon.

Who has worked with the Marc Jacobs Beauty line? This was my first time and I was pleasantly surprised. What should I try next.

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