Product Review: True and Olive Skincare

Skincare obsessed is a slight understatement for me. Having worked in beauty and having been gifted hundreds of lines of product to try over the past 13 years (wait, when did I get so old?!), I know what I like and what I don’t. You won’t find me pushing products here and will always get my honest feedback.

It has been hard to convince the world I am worried about organic skincare while also admitting my love for Botox. Now that I’m pregnant I am more conscious about what I put on my skin. Seeing True and Olive’s gorgeous, bright packaging and the word organic I was interested in learning more and reached out to the company.

Christine, co-founder alongside her husband Matt, replied. She was enthusiastic, helpful and friendly. Based out of L.A., this husband/wife duo created their line out of necessity when Christine’s skin started freaking at 31. I immediately asked about the name as it was quite cool and she replied that it was the name of her Husband’s construction company combined with their Pups name. Have I mentioned that I am as dog obsessed as I am skincare obsessed? Another reason I was already into this line.

The True and Olive line currently consists of two products:

Hello Organic Facial Cleanser

First impression? I didn’t need a lot of product to cleanse my entire face. Although I am well aware it doesn’t take a lather to effectively clean skin, I always prefer a foaming face wash. This was perfect – foaming without being bubbly. My skin felt clean without feeling stripped and the smell was clean and mild. When you take a closer look at ingredients, it is 100% natural and 98% organic with lavender, rosemary, willow bark and vitamins C and B5. All make it mild and healing while being effective enough to combat any post gym acne flare ups. My skin felt good after using this.

It comes in a 4 ounce glass pump-top jar and, as with most natural goods, has to be kept out of the sunlight. Easy enough!

Bloom Organic Balancing Oil

When facial oils became more of an “in” thing, I was not thrilled. Mostly because I’m the girl who has finally mastered the skill it takes to minimize hair washing to twice a week while maintaining daily workouts. Oil on my face? Won’t my hair get greasy? Will I need to wash – and henceforth blow dry – my hair more than twice a week? Say it isn’t so. Being skin savvy I am also aware that when your skin is overproducing oil it’s trying to make up for a lack of oil. The only solution? More oil. Also, quality oils are fab at anti-aging and who isn’t a fan of looking younger?

The first thing I noticed about Bloom was the minimal list of ingredients. Eight to be exact.

My three faves:

  • Lavender Oil – improves scar tissue formation
  • Bergamot Oil – clarifying and balancing
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil – anti-inflammatory and accelerates wound healing.

Still hesitant, I used a small, single pump of product and was impressed at the texture. Less greasy and more serum-like. It absorbed quickly and left my skin supple, not slick. And the SMELL.IS.INCREDIBLE. It comes in a two ounce glass jar with a perfect pump top that distributes just enough product (and does not leak oil all over your vanity). It absorbed so well that I forgot about it until the next morning when my hair wasn’t greasy. Finally, a facial oil for me!

Full disclosure? I used this for only a week before my husband (whom I love dearly and is the father to my soon-to-be-here son so I won’t kill him) accidentally cracked the bottle. I will be repurchasing ASAP.

I am loving True and Olive and will definitely be repurchasing as well as eagerly awaiting any new products they launch. This team has a knack for selecting only the best ingredients and avoiding unnecessary fillers and chemicals leading to an effective all natural product line.

A few more bonus points? All products are made in the USA, natural and organic, vegan, paraben free and only tested on humans.

Check them out here and get 10% off when you sign up for their making list.

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