WTF Friday – Plastic Surgery Where?

When the general public thinks of Plastic Surgery they think of Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty or Face Lifts and Mommy Makeovers. When you have been in plastics for almost a decade and are a bit of a medical journal geek, you hear about all kinds of things. Some that make perfect sense, some that never even crossed your mind, some that make you question what doctor agreed to perform such a thing and some that simply make you go “WTF”.

As we all love a good WTF story, here is a breakdown of some lesser known plastic surgery procedures. Some are safe, some are not so safe and some are totally insane. You asked for it!



Dimpleplasty: Dimple Creation – Mario Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Harry Styles, Miranda Kerr. We cannot all be blessed with dimples like those! Generally performed under local anesthetic during an outpatient visit, a small incision is made on the inside of your cheek and an asborbable suture is used to catch the internal skin where the dimple is desired. Once the suture absorbs, the scar tissue that is formed will recreate the skin defect in the cheek musculature that creates a naturally occurring dimple. You may experience a bit of swelling but Dimpleplasty offers a relatively quick recovery. It is also potentially reversible if you decide those dimples are not for you.



Buccal Lipectomy: Chubby Cheek Reduction – This one I can understand a bit. Even the thinnest, fittest person can have excess fat in their face creating an unwanted full look in the face. As you age this excess fat can enhance the look of jowls. During a Buccal Lipectomy, the doctor will remove a small pocket of fat from your upper cheek going through the inside of the mouth so as not to leave any visible scars. This offers the patient a more sculpted face, higher looking cheekbones and enhances the cheek hollow.



Facial Hair Transplants: Brows, beards and lashes – With the overwhelming popularity of beards, many men are frustrated with the inability to grow that full, hipster beard. These are performed in one day and the same way as a hair transplant to the head. Hair is taken from the head and moved, follicle by follicle, to the patchy beard or goatee areas. Overplucked your brows? You can fix that the same way in a couple short hours. I am obviously a fan of brows and this is a very gratifying procedure if performed by the correct hair restoration specialist. Angle and direction is key for a natural undetectable result.



Palm Line Alterations: Changing your fate – Popular in Japan, some superstitious patients are seeking out plastic surgeons to change their fate. Wait, what? This procedure takes about 15 minutes and must be done with an electric scalpel with an unsteady hand as palm lines are not perfectly straight. I have no words.



Iris Implants: Changing the color of your eyes – Developed for patients who lacked a natural Iris after trauma to the eye, this was initially a medically necessary procedure, not cosmetic. I know my Ophthalmologist Surgeon of an Aunt is shaking her head as she reads this (I see you, Doc!) as it carries such huge risk when not medically indicated that the reward is simply not worth it. Blindness, Glaucoma, Cataracts. Go buy some colored contacts.



Nipple & Areola Reduction: Exactly as stated – hold onto your seats, ladies. If the protrusion and length of your nipples is too much for your preference, some doctors will simply cut the tip off. I can’t. The preferred method? Excess skin removal at the base of the nipple therefore decreasing the length. Sounds better to me, yes? Areola Reduction is performed by making a small circumferential incision around the outer edge and excising a small section of areola. By the right doctors, I have seen this performed so well that the circular scar is undetectable.  Again, always seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.



Private Plastics: I’ll leave you with this – The market for genital plastic surgery has grown exponentially. Whether it’s to tighten the vaginal canal after birth, enhance and enlarge the G spot with injections, enhance the penis with fillers or remove excess skin any and everywhere, it is a growing market. While many women and men report that these procedures helped their sex life AND confidence, they can be disastrous in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon. Choose carefully folks.

There you have it. I think that is all we can handle today, Beauties,

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